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Silvathorn Developments Inc.

Silvathorn Developments Inc., a sister company to Blackthorn Management Inc., was formed with the mission to create luxury living spaces as affordable housing. With the expertise and knowledge of Blackthorn's management team behind it, Silvathorn promises to be a builder known for living spaces of comfort, quality, and style while maintaining the highest ethical standards and staying on schedule and within budget.

Bethany Courts

Bethany Courts has been around since 1995, providing a wholesome Christian living community for those 55 years or over. It is an ideal location for those seniors who are still fully independent but would like to downsize while still "owning" their own home through a Life-Lease model. However, what sets Bethany apart from so many other retirement communities, is its focus on the Christian faith. Although the residents come from many walks of life, most have the common bond of core Christian beliefs and values. What a blessing!

Stepping into the beautifully situated Bethany Courts, you'll find 25 different suite models, all named after flowers. Each suite is attractively designed and range in size from 774 to 1610 square feet with one or two bedrooms plus a storage locker. Indoor parking, complete with a car wash for the residents' convenience, is also included!

Bethany Courts offers its residents a variety of amenities including a fully equipped workshop, exercise room, multi-purpose auditorium with adjoining kitchen, as well as outdoor picnic facilities. There are many churches, medical facilities, pharmacies, restaurants, and scenic walking trails within very close proximity. Markville Mall is also just a few minutes away.

Our Partnership

Silvathorn is thrilled to be partnering with Bethany to create a new 4th floor of suites in the Courts. Bethany's Christian heritage is a perfect fit for Silvathorn, whose roots are also deep-seated in the Christian faith. Together we will be united in providing Bethany with more than just a building - we are striving to create an atmosphere of excellence and a building that Court residents will be proud to call home!

4th Floor Penthouse Suites

The new suites on an expanded 4th floor will be designed and constructed with luxury finishes throughout and will still be purchased as life-lease units at below market value. The suites themselves will begin at 1,000SF with the largest units estimated to be approximately 1,700SF. Click Here for more information about Bethany Courts.

The expansion will provide Bethany with more economies to scale, allowing for more competitive maintenance costs for all residents. It will also allow Bethany to meet the demands for an aging population of Christians in the community.  The construction has commenced with move-in scheduled for February 2022.


There are only a few suites left for sale.  Please contact the Courts office at 905-940-1927 to seek out additional information.  

Initial Deposit 

The initial deposit required to secure a suite is 20%, once the agreement has been signed and executed.


New residents have the opportunity to provide milestone payments through the construction period and save on finance costs.  Finance will also be available for any residents that would prefer to provide 35% and the remaining on closing.

Payment Schedule

New residents that plan to save on finance costs will be required to provide payments at the following milestones:

Right to Occupy Agreement - 20%
Construction Commencement - 15%
Installation of Roof - 20%
Completion of Rough-ins - 20%
Commencement of Underground Parking - 20%
Closing - 5%

Proposed Suites for Sale


The Courts Revitalization

All common areas of the Courts will be revitalized over time as part of a Revitalization program for the existing building and suites.  The current initiative will allow this needed program to get underway.  Benefits to existing residents and future residents will include upgraded common areas and amenities for all residents to enjoy.

Before and After

Below provides some artist renderings of the before and after transformation that is expected as part of this new program.